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Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
4373 Hessel Ct.
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T O P _ S E L L E R S : _ B O O K S
Truth in Dating Book Cover

7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success

By Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

This book de-mystifies the process of being completely honest by introducing seven simple phrases that immediately bring your interactions into present time. Instead of getting caught up in old communication patterns (such as the need to justify, explain, or impress), the seven keys will make it easy to say what you really feel, think, and want with clarity and presence. This book is a primer for becoming a more conscious, courageous, and loving human being.

Price: $15.95
Truth in Dating Book Cover

Finding Love by Getting Real

By Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

Want to be more radiantly attractive to your date? Then don’t play it so safe: Practice Truth in Dating. This book lays out 10 practical communication skills designed to help you be more present and confident in dating and relating.

Learn about the companion Truth in Dating Card Game

Most singles out on a date try too hard to make a good impression. As a result, tensions rise and enjoyment falls. The person then tries even harder, and the mood and authenticity deteriorates further. When you show up honest and real, you become more attractive and confident. You're in the present, instead of worrying how things will turn out. The result is a strong and even sexy sense of excitement and aliveness in the moment. Learn more. Be sure to check out the Truth in Dating Card Game.

Price: $18.95
Truth in Dating Book Cover

Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life

By Susan Campbell, Ph.D.
Foreword by Brad Blanton

Everyone values honest communication, but how many of us have the necessary skills? In this new book, business consultant and noted relationship expert Susan Campbell provides a set of simple yet profound awareness practices that support living a life of radical aliveness - the kind of aliveness that comes from letting go of our attachment to being "right, safe, and certain".

Learn about the companion Getting Real Card Game

By using honest communication as their spiritual awareness practice, readers can discover the freedom that comes from being "real, unique, and open to surprise."

Price: $15.95


T O P _ S E L L E R S :_ G A M E S


The Truth in Dating Card Game

Is there a new or old relationship in your life where you’d like to deepen your capacity for honest communication, while at the same time having a lot of spontaneous fun?

The Truth in Dating Game consists of 150 cards with different self-disclosure questions written on them. Some questions are light-hearted and humorous. Others require a fairly deep level of self-exploration. There are 50 Getting Acquainted cards, 50 Sex cards, and 50 Deep Dating cards. (Warning: The Deep Dating questions may push the limits of your comfort zone!) Learn more about the game and see sample questions.

Price: $20.00

The Getting Real Card Game

This card game is for two to fourteen players, ages ten and up. The idea behind the Getting Real Game is that it's more fun to tell the truth than it is to lie, pretend, and conform to others' expectations.As you play, you'll be developing the ten essential truth skills described in the book Getting Real. Learning these truth skills allows you to communicate your truth responsibly and compassionately. During the game, you will be asked to share your self-talk, create your own "wild cards," and communicate with the intent to relate, not to control.  The results are often profound, always provocative, sometimes disturbing, but mostly hilarious. Learn more and see sample questions.

Price: $30.00


T O P _ S E L L E R S :_ e B O O K S

(Free shipping & handling. All eBooks sent via email as PDF file.)


Flirting: How to Relax and Enjoy

Topics include: You’re Attracted, Now What?; The Dance of Contact; Flirting as Play; Staying Present and Centered in Your Body; The Role and the Joy of Humor. (Portions of this eBook appear in the book Truth in Dating.) 20 page booklet.

Price: $3.95 (eBook sent via email)


Is This Relationship Over?
Knowing When and How to End It

Topics include: Why Relationships End; Preventing Unecessary Break-ups; Is This Relationship Over?; How to Heal, Let Go, and Move On. Provides learning Activities and Exercises to Use During the Ending Process and Afterward. (Portions of this eBook appear in the book Truth in Dating.) 40 page booklet.

Price: $5.95 (eBook sent via email)
Sex Talk: Verbal Intercourse as a Prelude to Passion

Topics include: Sexual Vulnerability; Intimacy as a Spiritual Voyage; Holding Differences; Four Tools for Creating Tools for Intimacy. (Portions of this eBook appear in the book Truth in Dating.) 12 page booklet.

Price: $3.95 (eBook sent via email)
Love, Sex and Partnerships: Getting What You Truly Want

Topics include: Why Wanting Can Be Uncomfortable; Clarifying Your Wants; How to Express Your Wants and Your "Don’t Wants"; Marking Boundaries; Supporting Your Feelings with Action. (Portions of this eBook appear in the book Truth in Dating.) 39 page booklet.

Price: $5.95 (eBook sent via email)


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