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Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
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The Truth at Work Game
A game for people who work together

This game is sold only to trained coaches or group facilitators. It can be used to open up discussion on important topics that often get ignored in the workplace.

The game includes five different decks with different tasks or questions written on them. The GET ACQUAINTED cards are ice-breaker type questions, requiring a degree of self-disclosure that is comfortable for most people. The GET PERSONAL cards ask you to dig a bit deeper into your personal story. The GET PRESENT cards give you practice being “here-and-now” with one another. The GET TOGETHER deck contains questions that focus on workplace issues such as meeting effectiveness, group norms, conflict, and communication issues. This game also has a GET WILD deck where players can make up their own questions.

Cost: $90 (plus facilitator's fee, if applicable)

Here's what a few people had to say about the game:

We played Truth at Work the night we all arrived before a three-day team-building retreat. It broke down barriers to trust and got us relating as human beings instead of as our roles. I think it gave our retreat a good jump-start, so we got more accomplished.

Manager, age 35

I brought Susan in to try the game out with our top team. I felt so much trust in the group after that. I found myself going to people and asking for their feedback-and really listening to them in a deeper way. I guess I,m just more relaxed around here now. We will definitely do this again.

CEO, age 55

Price: $90.00
(plus facilitator's fee, if applicable)