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Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
4373 Hessel Ct.
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Truth in Dating Book Cover

BEYOND THE POWER STRUGGLE: Dealing with Conflict in Love and Work

By Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

Shows how to use both/and (as contrasted with either/or) thinking to resolve energy-draining relationship struggles. Shows how the outer struggle between two people often mirrors an inner struggle that is raging within each person. Offers a unique self-assessment tool, The Polar Dimensions Inventory, that gives you a look at attitudes you may be holding that lead to relationship conflict. Then it describes specific tools to help you get unstuck from unproductive struggles. (Paperback, 237 pages.)

Beyond the Power Struggle helped me see what I needed to do to resolve a long-standing relationship conflict. I wish I'd had this resource years ago. It could have saved me a lot of time and grief.

John Renesh, Book Publisher,
Former President of the World Business Academy

This is the best book on conflict resolution that I have seen. I return to it again and again for practical tips and user-friendly tools.

Gary Lodmell,

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