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Susan M. Campbell, Ph.D.
4373 Hessel Ct.
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: (707) 829-3646
Fax: (707) 823-6789
E-mail: Dr. Susan

Quotes from Susan Campbell's book, Getting Real

To really meet another person, to experience true intimacy, you must enter a realm of uncertainty together .

You are most loveable when you are most transparent.

You can only be honest about yourself.

A complaint is a want in disguise.

You can only be as honest as you are self-aware.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to hide.

Basing our self-esteem on the ability to control people and events actually keeps us feeling out of control.

Withholding feelings is a way of giving them more significance than they actually deserve.

By placing more value on staying out of trouble than on speaking your mind, you keep yourself at the mercy of your environment.

When you identify yourself as the noticer, you do not identify the ego's pain as your pain. It's simply a pain in the ego.


A button is a “belief gone mad.”

We often need to get our buttons pushed so we can notice what they are.

“Shoulds” prevent us from seeing how our life really is--and from taking appropriate action. Shoulds are pretenses.

We're big now.

When you act like you can't handle the unexpected, your ability to do so dwindles.

All news is good news.

Get comfortable with discomfort.

Fear is simply a sign that you're moving into unknown territory, not a signal to turn back.

The outer struggle mirrors the inner.

It takes more than one blind man to “see” the whole elephant.

All attempts at controlling others eventually backfire.

Nobody can take it away from you if it really belongs to you.

Anything you have today could be gone tomorrow. Anything you don't have could appear at any time.

Through learning to notice your mind chatter or self-talk, you always have a way of getting back into present time.

Being honest is the best way to stay connected to others, to your own flow, and ultimately to that greater energy source from which you both partake.

When you are open to experiencing and learning from everything--every disappointment, every surprise, every piece of feedback, whether laudatory or critical--then you cannot be threatened.

When you blame another person for your pain, it clouds the truth and makes corrective action less likely.

Life becomes a painful battle when you struggle against what is.

The belief that knowing is better than not knowing is one of the fundamental dysfunctional beliefs of our culture.

Every human interaction entails a large measure of uncertainty. Each time you express yourself, you take a step into the unknown, into “empty space.”

Leap joyfully into the unknown.

There may be times when honest self-expression would be truly dangerous to your well-being, but more often than not, most people assume danger where none exists.

Spiritual freedom comes from participating in the moment-by-moment flow of life, not by getting things to be just right once and for all.

Telling the truth speeds up evolution.



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